Carwash City offers an automatic carwash that has been a work horse of the industry for many years!!  With a powerfull undercarriage blast when driving in to the bay, to the trademarked "Power Blaster" technology that rips the bugs from the grill of your vehicle,  the D&S 5000 has the ability to thouroughly clean your vehicle.



The self serve bays at Carwash City offers a fine selection of functions to give you every opportunity to clean your car.

Blowers are a available to users at the Beresford, SD location.  Blowers work great for getting the water out of locks and hard to reach places that a towel can't get to.  If you have a motorcycle, you'll want to try them out.



The vacuums at Carwash City are top of the line.  We offer a three motor vacuum that gives you the highest suction vacuum on the market!!