Carwash City is proud to provide their customers with the convenience of the WashCard® System. WashCard® is the easy way to wash your car without the hassle of exact change or quarters. To use your WashCard®, simply select your desired wash, and swipe the card through the WashCard® reader.

Pay As You Go

Pre Pay / Gift Card Option

Customers can purchase a prepaid WashCard®, with no charge for the card itself. The balance of the card can be added to at any time either with cash or credit card, or online from the Car Wash Virtual Storefront.


Benefit from our great discounts!

For our Pre Pay customers, we have created a great discount incentive for using your WashCard:

Spend $20.00 and get $23.00
Spend $50.00 and get $60.00
Spend $100.00 and get $125.00
Spend $200.00 and get $250.00
*Bonus Wash Value is not subject to cash refunds

Call (712-470-0048) or email if other amouts are desired.